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Personal Testimonials

Marc’s sound healing was a godsend. I had a healing session two weeks before having a mastectomy for breast cancer. During the session I felt such peace and contentment. My body responded to the healing sounds with such happiness. I have done many alternative therapies to fight the cancer and all have been very helpful. What makes this type of healing special and really valuable is having Marc’s intuitive and skilled sound healing combined with the penetrating soul sounds of the bowls and tuning forks balancing and harmonizing my energy frequencies while lying there in a state of bliss. I felt healed and a whole person once more. I was ready for the next step which showed no cancer left in my breast. Thank you Marc I am deeply grateful and look forward to more productive and enjoyable sessions.

Karen M 12/17

I came to see Marc to find out about this new and interesting healing method and specifically, my knee was in a lot of pain. I was attracted to his use of massage and sound therapy and was blown away by the experience. It was so beautiful to hear all of his instruments do their magic while he worked on my knee and other parts of my body that needed help. The best part! My knee was 90% better the NEXT day and completelyrecovered within 3 days! And the problem was not light, it was my ACL and IT band. I am so happy I found him and can’t wait to go back.

9/16 Nadya

I experienced Marc’s sound touch massage the first time, when I was experiencing pain of emotional grief. I had been feeling this for 2 weeks, and nothing had provided any real physical relief, until I had this massage. It was the first time I walked out feeling normal again in weeks…the sound healing truly elevated my vibration and healed the pain was I was feeling in my chest. The combination of sound and massage is so powerful. It might bring up emotions, but you will be healing and processing them and it’s a powerful feeling of relief when you do. I now will be going for this type of massage once a month to maintain my wellness. Marc is a wonderful compassionate healer who offers this unique gift.

Namaste Joy 1/9/17

Marc has a real gift of healing touch. I have been struggling with chronic hip pain for years and he intuitively knows what to do and how to give me relief that lasts. I highly recommend seeing him for bodywork and sound healing.

N9/16 Vanessa

I absolutely love your CBD/Arnica Salve.  I suffer from chronic back pain and your product is the only thing that seems to work for me. Cathy (WI) 2019



I was fortunate to receive a healing from Marc when I was in the middle of wearing many hats and he immediately helped put me at ease before he began. Marc has the ability to intuitively know exactly what your body and soul needs and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a healing session quite like his. Much gratitude for your gifts!

       Carrie Goodman (globe sound healing conference)



I quit smoking many years ago, but still had a tightness in my chest and difficulty taking full deep breaths.I noticed a very big change after the work with Marc. The vibration of the singing bowls on my chest, helped dislodge years of accumulated tar in my lungs. After several sessions, I found myself relieved of the pressure in my chest and able to breath much deeper than I had been able to in many years. Thank you Marc!


received several sound massages from Marc Malin in Santa Fe, NM. He used multiple singing bowls placed on various body meridians. In one session, a hypnotherapist joined the session and I was treated on multiple levels as the practitioners collaborated seamlessly. One of the deepest healing experiences of my life. Marc also eliminated a large cyst on my wrist with only a few sessions using a tuning fork and broke up a bunion on my foot. Both would have been tricky surgeries, per my general practitioner…. and with Marc there is no pain, only relief… at a fraction of the cost I’d have incurred through Western Medicine. That was miraculous to me. Years later and no pain or symptom recurrence. And may I also just say, what a pleasant person to be around!!!!

Tre Roberts

Marc has the most unique technique for massage therapy. Using sound vibration he can really dig in for deep tissue massage. This was one of the most relaxing sessions I’ve ever experienced. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s extremely knowledgeable and through practitioner.

Colleen G

Professional Testimonials

Marc’s sound healing with the massage is an experience like no other. The ability to have both the sound and the touch add a relaxing and truly cellular healing session all in one. I promise this will be like nothing you have ever experienced!

Dr. Brandey Dollens

Marc Malin’s Sound Touch Therapeutic CBD Pain Relief Salve is a welcome addition to my healing toolkit. This pleasant smelling formula is non greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. I’ve used it to treat everything from minor skin rashes, scratches and bruises to soothing post workout inflammation. I really put the salve to the test after a recent fall off my bike which caused a nasty lump on my shoulder and some minor nerve pain down my arm. I used the salve religiously for several days and it healed up quickly!

Erin Lehn Floresca – Editor for Natural Awakenings Magazine
Publisher’s Pick Natural Awakening Magazine • Healing Through Good Vibrations

Many of us live in San Diego because we feel the need to be deeply connected to the ocean. We love watching the sun dip into the Pacific each night, the feel of the salty water on our skin and listening to the sweet nature songs of the ocean. Music and sounds in our environment can make a huge difference on our wellbeing. What exactly does music do for a human being? It sets a tone and creates a positive atmosphere. No matter what our day was like before, the moment we hear inspiring music or sounds, the pattern changes and those good vibrations help reboot our day. Marc Malin, sound healer and massage therapist at Global Heart Sanctuary off the 101, has been devoted to holistic wellness and healing arts since the 1970s. Currently, Malin teaches holistic wellness, massage and photography at the University of San Diego. In 2003, this award winning musician started Sound Touch combining physical bodywork with sound healing, which ultimately culminated in his work bringing two international sound conferences to Santa Fe, New Mexico, amongst many other wellness accolades. What is remarkable are Malin’s various Sound Touch techniques, including vibrational medicine and intuitive massage therapy treating disease using tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, gongs and other instruments. I was struck and comforted by his calm, kind approach. His question of personal intention helped focus on treating the whole mind, body and spirit collectiveness to create peace through vibrating frequencies, sound waves to disrupt adhesions and stagnation. Malin’s techniques address a wide range of conditions from chronic pain and sports injuries to sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, ADD, PTSD and more. After my session, I was struck by not only by his genuine devotion to intuitive healing by past accomplishments and life journey, but realized that he caters to the specific needs and intentions of the individual. I will definitely have a return session and highly recommend this very positive vibrational approach to wellness.

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